Wedding – April 11th 2020

April 11th 2020

Katharina Korell and Colin Whitman Cascia
are now married and the newlyweds now share the same surnme: Korell.

Due to the restrictions caused by the corona virus, the wedding can only take place virtually.
However, this also allows transatlantic participation – Colin’s family

Here a piece of documentation of the wedding in picture, sound and film.

(c) of pictures, sounds and films: Various family members.

Film from the wedding ceremony
[Recorded by Karl-Levin Korell]


Recording of WebEx session (00:54:42) –


Wedding  (starting 00:17:14)
& Footwalk at the Elbe river (starting 00:38:45):



Recording of WebEx session  (01:23:48) –

Evening: Cooking together & Dinner:



For Dinner: Wedding song „Love me tender“ (Michael Pick):


Wedding photo book:

Photo book is ready now!